International Scientific Conference on the tenth Anniversary of Kosovo Statehood


Abstract Agenda

February 15-16, 2018 @ AAB College

December 20, 2017 - Sending the abstract

Kosova since February 17, 2008 is an Independent State which entered in the World Community of States and gained membership in various international organizations. It continues with the struggles for membership to other world and regional organizations.

Kosova Independence was proclaimed in well coordinated efforts of Kosova institutions with the main democracies of the world. Thus, Kosova Parliament declared Independence of the Country with the Independence Declaration and from that act, to date it has been recognised by 114 states.

But, apart from the successes, the journey of the new state had also its challenges and diificulties. These difficulties and challenges have been internal and external ones. State/institutional building, development of democratic processes, anti-corruption, inner dialogue are some of the challenges present in the post-communist and post-war societies as inner challenges.

Along with them Kosova continues to meet the challenges of the regional co-operation, dialogue with Serbia, development of good neighborhood, stablitiy in the region, etc. Overcoming these challenges and solution of these problems are monitored and evaluated by the International Community, escpecially by EU, in the Kosovo way towards EU and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

Scientific Conference Consolidation of the state and euro-atlantic challenges emphasises clearly the issues on the challenges of EU integration of the Western Balkans and the importance of the fastening Kosovo integration into the EU integration process. Kosovo remains to be the key factor of the stability in the Balkans and the crucial issue of speeding up the integration processes of the entire region.

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