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September 23, 2017 @ AAB College

August 23, 2017 - Sending the abstract

The 20th century was the century of information, while the 21st century is a century of communication. This transformation occurred as a result of the development of communication technology when traditional media began to transform, while some of them remained in history. The letter faded, but not the media. The media was transformed and adapted. Precisely these are the reasons why the media history that has provided their informative contribution to the transformed Balkans in recent decades, should be analyzed as well as these transformations in current, mainly asymmetric, communications.

Media history over the years has tended to be discussed within national contexts and from a mono-media perspective, focusing exclusively on a medium and at a certain time, such as press, radio or television. Media history does not exclude these, but it also includes the functional-structural analysis of a media in a particular society. The “Media history and media transformations” conference explores further the theoretical and methodological implications for the integrated media history and transformations that have taken place in the Internet era. At this conference we invite scholars from social and human sciences, media and communications as well as media-owners and managers who have already dealt with similar issues or would like to consider them further. We also encourage open discussions on sources and methodologies for media history searches, including tracking in archives, setting up a proper database of media stories that have passed in history, but also new media that daily create a its modern history as well as the transformations and challenges that are being created by new media with widespread use in everyday life.

Extremely involved in the contemporary and historiographical aspects of the digital world, we aim to explore the socio-cultural issues of our time: from information society and from the media (evolutions) - to financial virtualization and media information management. But, given that apart from the communication and journalism programs, we operate with the study program of production, we want to include another inter and trans-disciplinary approach, that of the history of media art. This meta-discipline, MediaArtHistories, surpasses the close approach of art history, media studies, etc., and is the field where the theory, methods and object of study are intertwined and cover other disciplines.

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